I’m a doctor not a….

Here is a useless fact for you. If you have ever watched Star Trek, you know the original with William Shatner, chances are you’ve heard Deforest Kelly (Dr. McCoy) say “I’m a doctor, not a Coal Miner”. Or instead of Coal Miner he may say a “Brick Layer”. So here is my compilation as I remember them or I am reminded after watching one of the many reruns of the cult fan favorite science fiction show.

I’m a doctor, not a…

Bricklayer (TOS – Devil In The Dark)
Coal Miner (TOS – The Empath)
Database (Voyager – Episode ?)
Engineer (TOS – Mirror,Mirror)
Escalator (TOS – Friday’s Child)
Mechanic (TOS – The Doomsday Machine)
Peeping Tom (Voyager  – Drone)
Performer (Voyager – Investigations)
Voyeur (Voyager – Parturition)
Watchmaker (Star Trek:New Voyages – To Serve All My Days)
Zookeeper (Voyager – Life Line)

If you know of a episode that Bones has one of his famous quotes let me know and I’ll add it.

Lives Lost @ Wolf 359

From information in episode 195 “The Drumhead” Admiral Norah Satie made the comment that during the battle at Wolf 359, where the Borg were making their way to Earth, 39 ships with the loss of life at around 11,000 would make an average of 282 persons aboard each ship.