Changing the Owner or Organization in Windows XP


For whatever reason you may have, you might want to change the Registered to: name or the organization that appears under System Properties in Windows XP. It is very simple, just follow these steps.

1. Click Start, Run, and type regedit in the open box.
2. In the left pane of regedit navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion.
3. Look in the right pane for RegisteredOwner to change the “Registered to: name” or RegisteredOrganization to change the Organization name under the registered owner.
4. Highlight the one you want to change by left clicking on it. Then right click modify and in the Value Set box simply type in what you want to appear in System Properties.
5. Open System Properties and your new settings will appear.

When Windows Time Update Fails

Have you ever tried to update the time in Windows XP and received an error? Try resetting your time service

1. Start->Run cmd.exe

2. net stop w32time

3. w32tm /unregister [ignore error message]

4. w32tm /unregister

5. w32tm /register

6. net start w32time

7. try updating your time now, all should be good.

Speeding up icon loading in windows explorer.

Increase the icon speed in Windows Explorer
Make icons in windows explorer appear quicker

In Windows XP every time you open My Computer or Windows Explorer to browse folders and files XP automatically searches for network files and printers. This causes a delay in displaying your icons. You probably see the “default” windows icon and as you scroll it changes to the correct icon. This is how to stop that…

1. Open My Computer
2. Click on the Tools menu and select Folder Options…
3. Under Folder Options select the view tab.
4. Uncheck the very first box that reads “Automatically search for network folders and printers”.
5. Click “Apply” or “OK”

WordPress permalinks and .htaccess

For the past 2 weeks I have tried to switch from Typepad to WordPress with some difficulty. Thinking ahead as I try to do, I exported my Typepad posts to a .txt file, no problem. I installed WordPress on my host in its own directory, no problem. I ran the import-mt.php script supplied with WordPress and bingo all seemed well. That was until I tried to click on links on the main page or any page for that matter. Every time I clicked on a link WordPress would take me to a directory listing on my host.

Being new to WordPress I began to scratch my head. What was going on? I did research, some more research, even more research, and for awhile gave up on WordPress. I downloaded Greymatter and was dissapointed by it’s lack of features so I dropped Greymatter from my list of possible replacements. I figured I would give the free version of movable type a shot since I had just came from Typepad. It was better than Greymatter but it still was not where I wanted to be, so I scrapped that. Refusing to give up on WordPress I tried again.

What I figured out was my permalinks were not working because of a file on my host called .htaccess. I had read some forum posts stating that .htaccess had to be moved to the directory that WordPress resided in. I moved the file thinking WordPress would updated it by itself. Wrong, what I finally had to do was leave .htaccess in the directory where WordPress resided and wipe my database tables clean. I then ran the install.php script in WordPress again, imported my posts from Typepad and wallah. The links worked. This must either be an easy fix for most who use WordPress or it’s not a very common problem because I could not find much about it on the net. I hope this will help the next lay person who has the dead link problem.