Its me again

Hi, Zoe here. I had to stay at the NICU as their guest. I was treated like a queen. I had my own clean oxygen, they gave me a IV in my belly button (I did’nt even have to wake up to eat), then I got to wear these cool shades and lay under a light so my bilirubin would go down. I got to stay there for a week then they told me it was time to go so my mommy and daddy had to take home. thats where I am now, at home and sleeping in my daddy’s arms. TaTa

Hi World

Hi, my name is Zoe Marissa Beam and I was born today at KDMC. My mommy and daddy are so happy to see me. I am 6 pounds even and 19 inches long. My sister Shelby was with my mommy and daddy when I was born. I have pictures on my daddies web site so you can see just how pretty I am.

More ultrasound pics

I was able to make it to the doctor with my wife today. The ultrasound tech. did a ultrasound and the pictures she took she burnt them to cd so I have added them the the blog for your viewing pleasure. Pictures are in the menu in Baby Pictures link.

Baby on the way

Well here i am 33, almost 34, and going to have a new baby. Not a bad, but not something that was planned. we dont know the due date yet but I think it is something around October or November. And to think I almost had my two others raised, or well on their way. My 10 year old daughter wants a girl and my 13 year old son wants a boy, go figure.

My return

I’m back after a long pause. I guess my life is just that boring, I don’t have anything to write or I just don’t want to advertise my life to the world. I added a link on my webpage to my blog just for kix.

Working towards the door

Not much happening lately. Only really interesting thing for me is I am about to graduate. Two and a half years of working full time, going to school full time and having a family is enuff to make you go mad. Word to the youngsters out there. Get your education before you start a family. Peace out.

The bunny lays an egg

Easter Sunday, as we get older the excitement isn’t there that once was. The meals are always a welcome site and seeing family rarely seen is a plus. Hiding Easter eggs is always a fun thing, it’s even more exciting when the kids are competing for a cash prize. I signed the petition to get Leo back on TechTV Saturday. If all goes as the public seems to want it Leo will be back before we know it. Side note Chris Pirillo is going to host a few shows this coming week. Im trying out a new file explorer for my pocket pc. I’ll report on it later in the week.