I’m a doctor not a….

Here is a useless fact for you. If you have ever watched Star Trek, you know the original with William Shatner, chances are you’ve heard Deforest Kelly (Dr. McCoy) say “I’m a doctor, not a Coal Miner”. Or instead of Coal Miner he may say a “Brick Layer”. So here is my compilation as I remember them or I am reminded after watching one of the many reruns of the cult fan favorite science fiction show.

I’m a doctor, not a…

Bricklayer (TOS – Devil In The Dark)
Coal Miner (TOS – The Empath)
Database (Voyager – Episode ?)
Engineer (TOS – Mirror,Mirror)
Escalator (TOS – Friday’s Child)
Mechanic (TOS – The Doomsday Machine)
Peeping Tom (Voyager  – Drone)
Performer (Voyager – Investigations)
Voyeur (Voyager – Parturition)
Watchmaker (Star Trek:New Voyages – To Serve All My Days)
Zookeeper (Voyager – Life Line)

If you know of a episode that Bones has one of his famous quotes let me know and I’ll add it.

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